After a whirlwind nine months, Andrea entered summer 2021 with a string of successes and released her latest single, “Betting on You” on June 15. In her new song, Andrea demands more than “just another pretty face,” asking “that there’s gotta be more than the empty words you’ll say.” Andrea has proven herself over the first months of her fledgling career, scoring over 9 million streams on Tik-Tok and 2.1 million on YouTube. It’s been featured on over 150 radio stations in 35 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy. Blogs have called her “Macedonia’s leading indie artist.” EQ Music said “Andrea’s on a trajectory to become Macedonia’s answer to Dua Lipa because of the way she approaches pop in a modern, engaging style.” The Other Side Reviews said, “‘I Know’ is an electropop sensation with dynamic instrumentation and rich vocals. Reminiscent of Florence & The Machine with greater influences from R&B, Andrea displays soulful tones with the confidence and sophistication of a much older artist.” The rising pop artist says the goal behind “Betting on You” was to create a fresh, modern pop song, focused on the universal theme of love, but emphasizing the risks that one has to take. Andrea describes her new song as being about “making an unexpected connection with someone, and choosing to dive in without really knowing how it will develop.” This choice relies on the innate risk assessment we all make when we meet someone new.


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